How to begin a narrative essay

A good narrative essay should be interesting to read, write and meaningful.  It should not be long and boring. Consider writing something that can be read to the end by the reader. Due to the technological distractions, ensure your narrative is fun from the beginning to the end.

Since a narrative essay is basically a story, you need to talk from your point of view, give a personalized story that will not only captivate the reader but also teach them.

However, writing a narrative essay does not have more guidelines and requirements, there are a few issues to consider having a not only effective but also a strong story. For instance:

  • Your narrative essay should have all the parts of a story. For example the introduction, plot, characters, setting and conclusion. This will give your story a perfect flow with a better story personality.
  • Make sure your story has an artistic yet lively tone and vocabulary. This will give your readers a more emotional, and interesting scenario at different intervals. Using these words will arouse different feelings in a reader and give them the urge to continue reading.
  • Purpose. Your story should have a reason or a message it is passing on. However, you may be allowed to use “I” in the story, do not always overdo it. Personalize your story in the shortest, clear and concise manner. It should not feel empty or be based on poor work.
  • Always make your story as emotional as possible. You can do this by explaining how you felt at that particular time and what happened. This will help engage the readers both physically and emotionally.
  • Read more stories to improve on your writing skills. You can also improve on the plot and setting of your story. After writing, always check through your narrative for both grammar and the flow.

The above guidelines are just but a few to help you improve your story telling and writing skills. As it is always preferred and read by most people, ensure to write a story that has realism and is interesting.

You can begin a narrative essay by the following:

Using interesting ideas– for an enjoyable narrative reading ensure you use something interesting about you. Tell the readers what only you know. If it looks real or you present it in the right way, it will have a bigger impact on the emotions of the reader who wants to know more of what happened next.

Quotes from famous people– using words from famous people may have an impact on the reader who knows them. This is because; they may always have the urge of knowing them more.

Questions– Using questions has always been a good idea when writing your story. This will help put the reader in an active manner as they are able to think more about the answer to the question. Ensure the questions are simple and clear and may not block the meaning of the narrative.

Start with a hook– Always strives to meet the requirement of a perfect start of a story. The beginning should be interesting and captivating enough to give the reader a more fun-filled reading experience. If the introduction has a perfect flow, it might motivate readers to read more.

Narrative essays may not be a new topic to discuss but may need you to think outside the box to make it worthwhile. A reader may lose their interest in a particular story if it’s not up to the standard of a good quality one. First make a draft of what story you need to write and have ideas that support it. It should be real or at least there is a support party.