How to start an opinion essay

Opinion essay writing may not be so hard to tackle. You may need to research and write about something that is true. You give an opinion of something you have support to back up your claims.

You can start by introducing the topic clearly while using present tense in writing. You read and research about the issue or topic so as to understand your opinion. After you have reasons and examples for your opinion, you can then write your best essays.

How to write an opinion essay

To achieve success in your opinion writing, there are various stages you have to follow. They include:

Pre-Writing-during this stage, it’s when you are researching and collecting evidence from different sources to meet your topic. Here, you should gather all the information both contradicting and relating to the question. You can also choose to answer the question you feel your readers will like to know.

Writing– Your opinion essay should have an introduction, body and conclusion. In this stage, you have to make your opinion be known. It should have a clear thesis statement. You need to elaborate more on your topic in different paragraphs with separate reasons backing up your idea. Each paragraph should always hold a different full idea.

Proofreading-Ensure you go through your work and check any errors in grammar, vocabulary and spellings. Correct they and your opinion essay will be a perfect choice. If you have little information on how to proofread, get the top basic ones online.

Personal opinion essay

These essays are all about our personal opinions. We may think about what the writer is thinking or feeling about atopic. You may choose a topic that has a strong impact on your feelings, right about it and search for evidences to back your opinions up.

What is an opinion essay called?

Also called commentary is a form of nonfiction writing. You tell stories about events places, and people. All you need to do is give evidence backing up your claims.

How to write an opinion paper for college

An opinion paper will require enough planning and thorough research to be successful. In college, most language professors issue their students with these essays. Most of them find it tricky as it requires you to be ready and have evidence backing up your answer. That means you have to keep up with the research as it requires more than the reporting.

This is how to write an opinion paper

  • Research– you need to research a lot before you can stand up for a certain side without ground evidence. This evidence will support you bring on a strong argument.
  • Outline-ensure your paper has the introduction, body and conclusion. You can decide on your opinion, what your feel about that and the reasons behind your decision. These will help you sum up your argument clearly.
  • Write– In your custom essay, sum up your opinion in a unique way.

Opinion essay structure

You can always find ready-made free opinion essay examples or
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As any other essays out there opinion essay structure is the same. For instance:

 Introduction– Here, you should ensure the thesis statement is precise and specific.

Body-Is made up of five paragraphs. In each paragraph, you need to give elaborate evidence, meaning, your thoughts and reasons for your opinion.

Conclusion- you give the summary of your opinion, why you decided to back up your claim and what impact it has.