What is a critical response essay?

If you need to get facts to write your essay, you may need to read a book, let’s say a novel, like three times to fully understand the content. Ensure you go for a book that not only is informative but also argumentative. You need to analyze the book and write your own work in the writer’s point of view.

 You may need to have your opinion and ensure it has backed up evidence. If this is so, you may need to analyze the content and put down the main points. Before writing, you need to have a better understanding of the subject matter of the selected book. You should embark on this when you have the right content after analyzing it and have an idea of what the author is talking about.

On the other hand, a critical response essay is a special kind of essay which tests the learners’ ability to grasp information which aids in their development and critical thinking. They may make points on their own understanding of the text or book without considering the authors point of view.

These essays are made up of the introduction, few paragraphs on the body and the conclusion. To make it effective, you need to analyze the text properly and summarize the main points to help you write an essay.

How to write a critical response essay

Summarizing the work

 You should summarize the work and break it into pieces for a more understanding. These facts can be true or fiction. For both, you need to find support and evidence to back them up. Analyzing the text will help you understand how the text relates to each other and how it is structured to bring out the meaning and purpose of the text.

 Analyze the work

 You need to analyze all the text and find out if the text met its requirements. Look at how it had impact on its achievement and purpose. Has the meaning been realized? This will help you understand and come up with a backup plan to support the text both fictions or true. You need to look at the style and structure of the content if at all they served their role or hindered your understanding. Was the content enough or not. Consider looking at the effect of the language in relation to the texts purpose.

Structured Writing

After summarizing and analyzing the text, you have the main points about the book and a personal view about the contents of the book. You should then write it down and ensure it brings out the meaning you want achieved. For the truth, ensure you have an idea of how to make the facts note while. To achieve the idea it has to bring out, ensure you write down the examples and any other information backing them up. For the fiction part, you can use style to bring out the meaning the author wanted to bring out.

These essays are a perfect choice for students as they develop their critical thinking. They also help them learn how to summarize and analyze information and use it for their betterment using different techniques.